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- Merge files of two songs into one (can be 4:3 or 16:9) and save it as a.inp file in your PES 6 folder. - File -> Open -> e_text - Open video as normal video - Open audio as normal audio - Press and hold the Fn and F1 button on your keyboard at the same time - Select Audio file from the source folder (the same folder as your video file is in) - Press and hold the Play button on your video game system to play - Watch the magic happen! - If you have problems, make sure you have selected the correct audio file and make sure you haven’t pressed and held the F1 button to open an audio file or F1 will be pressed automatically. Also, If you have DTS-MA or DTS-HD Master Audio file, you will need to create a separate input to your audio file. This is done by selecting Audio file and selecting the one from the audio folder with the extension ending with.LPCM The easiest way to do this is to use the CUE file and just add the audio file to the end of the line. If your file is.lpcmsf4 and you want it to be input as 5.1 surround sound, you would do the following: 1. Locate the audio file (located in the audio folder, click the topmost folder and then select the file with.lpcmsf4 in the name) 2. Open the.cue file in whatever video editing software you are using. 3. Click on the CUE button in the bottom left and select the file from the top right. 4. Make sure you have the DTS box ticked, and the Audio track selected in the CUE file, and then click OK. 5. Now click the Save button (in the bottom left) and give your new audio input a new name. 6. Locate the file, and double click it to open it in your video editing software. You should now have a new input with a name, such as “Audio DTS.” 7. Open up your audio file and add it to the end of the line. For example, if the audio was titled “Sound.ogg” you would add it to the end




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Download No Radar Pes 6

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