12-5-2019 fishing report and update

As of today we have reopened the retail store in augres, We had to shut the doors for a little while do to the DNR baiting ban as fall sales were way down I am sorry for the inconvenience. but we are up and running again now. fishing in the Saginaw bay for walleyes has been pretty good the last few weeks those running bandits and other hard body baits have been doing well. there are some walleyes in the augres river and I am sure there are a few perch in the cuts just because nobody is talking about it and everyone knows perch fisherman are pretty tight lipped. we are gearing up for the upcoming ice season and the ultimate fishing show in Novi, Michigan in January make sure you don't miss this show it gets better every year and we have reserved our spot by the hawg trough. we will be bigger this year than last expect some daily specials during the show. I will do my best to keep this site updated every day. to kick off the reopening of the store we have added a xmas discount to everything ordered on the website. as always have a great day and be safe out there.


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