fishing report 1-26-2019

went down to the end of the augres river yesterday evening there were a lot of people fishing those that I talked to were catching quite a few short walleyes with the occasional keeper, and a few decent perch. do jiggers and tillys seemed to be doing the best for walleye tipped with a minnow head I notice a lot of shanties off of point augres didn't venture over there but talked to one guy who had seen a couple walleye that were nice and a few white fish. he was sitting off of the point in about 8 foot of water. I think its going to turn on any day now. The DNR fish counter Steve was also sitting at the river I asked him about the pine river and palmer road he said it had been slow down there I might drive down there tonight and see what I can find out. be safe and have a great day of fishing.

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