fishing report 3-30-2019

what a whirl wind yesterday was those that went out of augres caught walleye and a few steel head, white stone had walleye and lake trout caught out in front of the singing bridge, lots of cars parked at singing bridge no reports of steel head but I am quite sure that they were caught there, suckers were on the move up the river saw them caught on fishing rods and in the nets in Omer, talking to netters in Omer they had dipped 5 steel head out and released them, that's quite a few of them this early my guess is if you fish the rifle river for steel head you are going to catch something, there were also reports of perch in the cuts along with a few crappie. all in all it was a good day of fishing for everyone that made the attempt. today is going to rain and snow so as always have fun fishing and be safe out there. don't forget only two weeks left to sign up for the summer fight.


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