fishing report for 2-20-2019

It was a beautiful day out yesterday, but that seemed to be it a lot of people out fishing but not very many reports of people catching fish had one group off of booth rd. that saw fish but couldn't get them to take anything another group out of wigwam bay caught a few, but it wasn't fast and furious heard rumors of perch being caught off the pine river in around 9-10 foot of water but I didn't personally see it or have anyone that caught perch tell me, ice seems to be holding up good I went for a ride and saw three vehicles parked off of hale rd. , looked like two sleds and a 4 wheeler went out there but I don't know if they caught anything. have a great day and good luck fishing. Don't forget t sign up for the summer fight the next 50 people who sign up get a free lure from phantom lures and those that sign up before 30 march are being put in a drawing for 100 augres chamber of commerce bucks.

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