Fishing report for 3-2-2019

First off today be safe this snow coming down is covering all the new ice so spud your way out, fishing is still slow but alot of people are out of booth Rd in augres, and I saw some shanties off of the Tawas river last night, the walleye bite seems to be right at dark or just after dark. Do jiggers tipped with a minnow head has been the lure of choice anything that glows seems to be working.

Mean while jerry in Florida seems to be having fun sending me pictures from down there, keep it up Jerry you know what they say about paybacks, lol

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the ice is leaving us faster than it showed up, hopefully we get a couple of days of cold weather to lock it back up, fishing was just starting to pick up, please if you go out be safe and take a budd

windy and cold out but seeing some ice starting to form not enough to get onto yet but its coming, hopefully it hurries up starting to be long days sitting in the shop with no one venturing out. those

Not a lot of fishing activity going on at the moment do to the dnr pulling most of the area docks out in preparation for winter. today is the opener of muzzleloader season so be safe out there. some i