fishing report for 4-2-2019

there were a lot of people out sucker fishing yesterday, suckers were doing good in the augres river and the rifle river, night crawlers and scented sponges were the ticket unless you were using a big net, there were quite a few steel head caught on the rifle and the east branch of the augres river , singing bridge had a few fish caught there also, I stopped by the mouth of the tawas river about 8 pm and there was a dozen or so people there casting for walleyes, I only saw one fish that was caught but it should turn on any day there, didn't have any boat traffic that stopped into the shop yesterday, but I am pretty sure you could go out front of the augres river and pick some walleyes up trolling hard body baits, didn't have any perch reports yesterday and only sold a couple dozen of minnows. don't forget to make sure you have your new fishing license, also the summer fight is almost here remember to sign up before the 14th of april it runs from april 15th to june 30th the biggest fish takes all, as always have a safe and fun day of fishing.


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