fishing report for 4-6-2019

Looks like its going to be a great day for fishing today, calm winds and in the upper 40's, walleye should be starting out around point look out, trolling deep husky jerks and flicker minnows, in 12 to 18 foot of water, quite a few guys caught steel head yesterday at the singing bridge and below m55 on the east branch of the augres river, the suckers were doing really well yesterday on the city docs in augres, good luck today to all the kids fishing the derby in Omer, rifle river is the sucker hot spot right now, those fishing with sponges soaked in attractant are doing good along with the ever faithful night crawler. there were a couple of reports of perch being picked up at the pine river, nothing yet out front of the au gres river for perch, as always have a great and safe day of fishing.


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